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Bulk Wholesale Seashells for Shops, Homes and More

Shells are one of those natural creations that always manages to brighten up a room. From the intricate bursa shells to beautiful conus seashells, a touch of nautica creates a sense of tranquillity, colour and curiosity that is unique to this natural element. This is why, at Shell Paradise, we have a great range of beautiful shells available in bulk, for wholesale and personal use.

Our incredible nauticas shells are now available in bulk, so you can create inspired decoration for your pet shop, seaside café and more. We have a huge bulk selection of hermit crab shells, perfect for pets at home or in the office. Whether you’re looking for a touch of nautical in your home or eager to decorate a beachside shop with high quality shells sourced with the utmost attention, Shell Paradise is your one stop.

Unique seashells for that nautical touch

Shell Paradise is a family business from Mackay, Queensland, specialising in wholesale shells of all kinds. With a life by some of the most beautiful waters, the Maunder family has developed a keen interest in nautical creations and colourful shells. All our bulk seashells are of the highest quality, the perfect wholesale opportunity for designers, creatives and shop owners. Our collection means you can decorate your own home in beautiful colours, fill your tank with brightly coloured shells or create something special to sell at your shop. We also sell a fantastic range of jewellery, so you can wear a beautiful piece of the sea every day.

Something special in every order

We take pride in sustainably sourced seashells that meet with the current regulations and standards of natural shell collection. This means you’re ordering something authentic and unique. Browse our wide selection of shells and discover something truly special. Each natural shell is different to the next, so ordering bulk means you’re getting a diverse collection no matter the purchase.

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  • Abaca Bag of Shells

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  • Angaria Delphinula 1Kg

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  • Ash Sea Shells

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  • Assorted Conus small (1-2.5 ” ) 1Kg

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  • Baby Olive

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  • Black Terebra

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  • Black Umbonium

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  • Brown Cockles

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  • Calico Scallop 1kg, 500g, 250g

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  • Centre Cut Assorted

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  • Clamrose (small) 1Kg

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  • Codakia Tigrina Bulk

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  • Cypraea Annulus

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  • Cypraea Caputserpentis

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  • Cypraea Mix 1kg

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  • Cypraea Moneta

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