High Quality Shell Jewellery in Australia

Bring a piece of the gorgeous beach everywhere you go with high quality shell jewellery from Shell Paradise. Whether it is a puka shell necklace, gorgeous bangles made using abalone or sarmaticus shell, or a collection of stunning earrings, you will find something that matches your personal style and allows you to flaunt your personality and love for the coast. 

Shell Paradise is a family business that has fallen in love with the unique qualities and beauty that only shells can provide. As each shell is natural, it will possess little intricate qualities that you will not find anywhere else, this means you can purchase a one of a kind gift for yourself or someone special. 

Jewelry made from sustainable shells

Our love for all things beach mean we do our very best to ensure we never have a negative impact on the environment. Every sea shell we collect for our necklaces, earrings and bangles have been sourced ethically. We do not stock any shells that do not adhere to regulations governing quarantine or endangered shells so you can purchase with confidence. 

Great Wholesale Opportunity for Businesses

For those who want to stock shell jewellery in their retail store, Shell Paradise has great wholesale options available. Providing high quality products made from premium materials, we are positive these will fly off the shelves in your boutique store, market stall or souvenir shop. Shell jewelry is a hit across the country, and is something that is especially sought out in locations close to the shore, they make great souvenirs for travellers coming from overseas and a great gift for someone special that loves everything nautical. 

If you would like further information on wholesale pricing and delivery we would be happy to help. 

Order online or contact us for further information

Purchase necklaces, bangles and other jewellery made from sustainably sourced sea shells. Take a look at our great collection and place your order online. For questions on large purchases, delivery or our products, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you. Simply complete our online form.

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