Abalone Shells

Beautiful and Unique: Find the Perfect Abalone Shells for You

Abalone shells are some of the most beautiful and most sought-after shells in Australia. Whether you’re combing the beach to add a unique piece to your collection, or searching online for a beautiful iridescent shell for a gift, abalone shells really are one of a kind. These shells are exceptionally strong and can be used for jewellery, decorations, accessories, garden décor and so much more.

At Shell Paradise, we stock a wide range of abalone shells, available in a beautiful range of vibrant colours, half polished and polished shells, large shells, and shells available in 1kg packs and in wholesale. On top of stocking a great range of abalone shells, we also carry a wide range of other shells perfect to complement your abalone collection. With a selection of cowrie shells, clam shells, scallop shells, shell gifts and accessories, starfish and so much more, you can rest easy knowing that your shell needs will be taken care of while being ethically sourced thanks to Shell Paradise.

Buy Eco-Conscious Abalone Shells Online and Enjoy Peace of Mind

We’re a small family owned and operated business that fell in love with the ocean and the coast many years ago. At the core of our values, we just want to help Australians fall in love with all things nautical, while sourcing environmentally sustainable and ethical shell products. The ocean is incredibly important to us, and we never stock any products that will cause us to have a negative impact on the environment. We’re proud to have one of the largest shell inventories in Australia, but there are some products that we don’t stock. We will never stock endangered shells, and that’s a promise that we will keep.

Each of our products are sourced from reputable suppliers, and we stick to strict regulations set out in terms of collection, customs and quarantine which is why we’re the best place to buy abalone shells online. This way all our customers can enjoy peace of mind, while purchasing high quality and sustainable products shipped directly to their door. If you’re having trouble deciding on which product would best suit your needs, or if you’re interested in our wholesale options, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and we’ll chat your shell needs and our pricing options.

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